********************************** ('.') kasy h

hello sweet friend how are you


('.') kasy ho
/)a)\ dost?
_/ \_

('.') ap ko
<)a)> pata hy?
_/ \_

K Eid Wale Din Kitne Kam Hote

Is LIye Hum Ao Ko abi
Keh haty hain,,,,


Ao Glay Milo!

_/ \_
*** I MIS YOU ALWAYS******'

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zaibk7300@gmail.com Author zain

hello sweet friend how are you


. kasy ho
a dost?
_ _

. ap ko
a pata hy?
_ _

k eid wale din kitne kam hote

is liye hum ao ko abi
keh haty hain

eud mubarak

ao glay milo!

--- a---
_ _
*** i mis you always******

marcyhny@yahoo.com Author Boss

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