'Apney Muqaddar ka to mil hi jaiy ga 'Ay Khud

Apney Muqaddar ka

''Apney Muqaddar ka to
mil hi jaiy ga
'Ay Khuda'

'Wo cheez ataa kar jo "KISMAT" Mein na ho . . . !!

Gud Morning!'

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Words: 122
Time: 7/17/2009 8:40:58 AM


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kchase@boltonvalley.com Author Alia

there is a critical shortage of inmoifatrve articles like this.

s.snetroustras@web.info Author Hansie

i actually found this more a href="kxinhtc"entaiterninga than james joyce.

b2kmz7hjz4@yahoo.com Author Zina

hhis i should have thgohut of that! ciizmcrii url=juyqtcwlwzjuyqtcwlwzurl link=deerfjdeerfjlink

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