"Dard" ko "Dard" Se Na Dekho,, "Dark" ko Bhi "D

***HUM-DarD DosT***

'"Dard" ko "Dard" Se Na Dekho,,

"Dark" ko Bhi "Dard" Hota hai,,

Har "Dard" Ko Zarorat Hai Dosti Ki,,

Aakhir Dost Hi Hai Jo Dard Me "Hum-Dard" Hota hai....

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Time: 12/29/2009 6:10:05 PM


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bilawalmalik83@yahoo.com Author bilawal

i am sorry me all freindzzzzz

shahbaba990@yahoo.com Author gulfam shah

very nic lala acha hai

pggconsultores@pgg.pt Author Melly

its like youre on a misosin to save me time and money!

ordini@ethimo.it Author Greg

i a href="lnpwmcx"supopsea that sounds and smells just about right.

1pqwjqcf@gmail.com Author Nneoma

we need more inhtgsis like this in this thread. sdzmlribfqk url=igvzbynemaigvzbynemaurl link=zrnjyjnsjxzrnjyjnsjxlink


hi guyssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

adnan.dani15@gmail.com Author dani


abdurrazzaq572@yhaoo.com Author abdul razzaq

salam. i love dawatislam. you love dawatislami. i love madni channle. you madni channle. keep wacthing madni channle.

alikazim904@gmail.com Author ali

i a href="lnpwmcx"supopsea that sounds and smells just about right.

alikazim904@gmail.cooom Author aliraza

hello my frend

shoaibsabir0300@gmail.com Author shoaib


WaheedGujjar186@Gmail.com Author Ch Waheed

abdul waheed gujjar

udqfxbf6b@hotmail.com Author Dorothy

this inoifmatorn is off the hizool!

majeedjugnu007@gmail.com Author abdul majeed

darad to darad hota by chahye sehda parho ya ulta

akhtaralinrsp@gmail.com Author Akhtar Ali Bhutto

missing somesome

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