'Dil me tmhari yad k nashtar utar gaye Kitne s

''Dil me tmhari yad k nashtar utar gaye

Kitne sitare aankh se tootkar bikhargaye

Aajaiye k aap ko tarse hay ab nazar

Dekha nhi hay ham ne bohat din guzar gaye.''

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Time: 3/25/2010 1:21:36 PM


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ismailm908@yahoo.com Author ismailm908@yahoo.com


neeammughal@yahoo.com Author muhammad naeem mughal

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shadkhansawati@gmail.com Author shad

sb sy alg ho tm meree dowa min aye maa . min haat pehlhon to tera name a jye

Hassanrehan06@gmail.com Author Hassan rehan

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