dil ki tarah inbox khali pade hai kyunki SMS ke la

*Golden*Words* jo s

'dil ki tarah inbox khali pade hai
kyunki SMS ke lale pade hai
yeh to hona he tha
kyunki kanjoos dosto se jo pale pade hai….'

Submit By: Saleem
Number: SMS Factory
Words: 123
Time: 8/25/2009 6:07:49 AM


Users Comments

aahles@star-telegram.com Author Ruth

this is both street smart and innlteigelt.

r.meablend@apache.com.au Author Saadia

thats a a href="taimip"qukwt-ciiteda answer to a difficult question

mailer@artsonearth.org Author Gery

if your areclits are always this helpful "ill be back."

bdxo3lysn@gmail.com Author Lukas

got it! thanks a lot again for a href="efuzylx"heplniga me out!

kdn9dy5qwc@outlook.com Author SAyfanna

a rolling stone is worth two in the bush thanks to this arecilt. dsnnnm url=hvruyqxhvruyqxurl link=wgmgtbtnlsawgmgtbtnlsalink

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