Ek ----- ladki bajar me ----- lene gai aur ek ----

Fill it SMS

'Ek ----- ladki bajar me ----- lene gai aur ek ----- aurat se takra gai uski sari ----- gir gai.
sabhi 4 khali jagah me 'ek hi word ayega' please reply.'

Submit By: Hamza Khan
Number: 03324366497
Words: 153
Time: 1/5/2010 10:58:47 PM


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sadiamushtaq22@yahoo.com Author Sadia


jawab teri maa ne likhna ccc...!!!

fourbusdons@cox.net Author Carla

thats the thniikng of a creative mind

rvpark@cityofhoughton.com Author Rotab

you sirmadam are the enemy of confusion everrwheye!

bergedorf@nabu-hamburg.de Author Blondy

that hits the target dead a href="ijcoqak"cernet!a great answer!

info@neilwardcounselling.co.uk Author Shaina

thanks for that! its just the answer i a href="bstygdtvzsh"nedede.a

x5uz9v80@hotmail.com Author Lara

apltpenary this is what the esteemed willis was talkin bout. quqqgkrctgu url=npnnnvvminpnnnvvmiurl link=mihbpxzlmihbpxzllink

nazirdar76@gmail.com Author nazir

in all places chini will come.
eg: ek chini ladki bajar me chini lene gai aur ek chini aurat se takra gai uski sari chini gir gai.

sewakrandhawa.2011@gmail.com Author s


mujahidhussain165@Yahoo.com Author Mujahid Rana


alimurtaza206@yahoo.com Author ali murtaza


mohsansian@yahoo.com Author Musa Jutt


mohsansian@yahoo.com Author Musa Jutt

.....dil....leyker....dil k.....gaya...dil ne...mara...dil....kha kr mar gaya please reply

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