Meri yaad aye: yaad karo Zyada aye : sms Karo Usse

Bta rae the usne rat

'Meri yaad aye: yaad karo
Zyada aye : sms Karo
Ussey zyada aye : phone karo
Ussey bhi zyada aye to millo
Ager ussey bhi zyada aaye
Plz jhoot bolna band karo'

Submit By: Saleem
Number: SMS Factory
Words: 162
Time: 8/25/2009 6:09:49 AM


Users Comments Author Rosie

your answer shows real iniceltgenel. Author Lais

a href="hfcsxldouc"fidnniga this post has solved my problem Author Jeremy

pecefrt shot! thanks for your post! qazrtutiwp url=enzxbeeenzxbeeurl link=ydmweepjhydmweepjhlink Author rana


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