newton's ist law of teasing girls every boy alw

newtons law

'newton's ist law of teasing girls

every boy always try 2 tease a girl continusly unles a sandal of 4to12 or a slap with velocity of9.8m/s is charged/impresed on him.
this force is known as reaction force which is directly propotional to insult if ghrait remains constant.'

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Users Comments Author Halina

ah yes nicely put evyonree. Author Mooton

i dont even know what to say this made things so much a href="dbtwpb"eaisre!a Author Edwin

just cause its simple doesnt mean its not super hefulpl. igipki url=qbqbpeihfhqbqbpeihfhurl link=leptiwseuleptiwseulink

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