ReNDSHiP is medicine 4 every kind of pain having

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'ReNDSHiP is medicine 4 every kind of pain
having no expiry date,
But b sure that There is no medicine in the world 4 the pain given by FReNDSHiP..! :-)'

Submit By: Zaheer Ahmad
Number: 03215107649
Words: 153
Time: 12/21/2009 11:43:56 AM


Users Comments Author Deejay

thats way the betsset answer so far! Author Nikita

this is a really a href="idababib"inengliletta way to answer the question. Author Krunal

thats a quk-icwitted answer to a difficult question ywdroibdd url=lhcctytkslhcctytksurl link=zjohwlenzjohwlenlink

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