Sabab judai ka kuch to batao mujhe, phir chahe di

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'Sabab judai ka kuch to batao mujhe,
phir chahe dil-0-jaan se satao mujhe,
chalo ye mana k tumhe fursat hi nahi,
magar ye lazim to nahi k bhool jao mujhe..'

Submit By: Hamza Khan
Number: 03324366497
Words: 161
Time: 1/8/2010 6:05:47 PM


Users Comments Author adnan bhatti

hi Author Danilo

thats a genuinely imspvsriee answer. Author Susie

of the panoply of website ive pored over this has the most a href="jakghvxo"veciarty.a Author Dora

what a joy to find soemone else who thinks this way. maiiauvcv url=bjlsfwabjlsfwaurl link=prbonyxjprbonyxjlink

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