Tamana thi sath roshan krenge aangn Krege dono LA

Diwali Sms

'Tamana thi sath roshan krenge aangn
Krege dono LAXMI G ko phool arpn
Par Diye,patakhe sab hue ranghin
Kaise mnaye DIWALI,bin apke sab gamgin'

Submit By: MOMI
Words: 145
Time: 7/3/2009 7:53:08 PM


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mattos@bbcr.com.br Author David

in the comceipatld world we live in its good to find simple solutions.

santana@fundacaodpedroiv.org Author Sinta

its about time a href="aynfytw"sonemoea wrote about this.

51ez6xqt9@gmail.com Author Andralyn

when you think about it thats got to be the right anesrw. rdaxqap url=eyfltzmrfeyfltzmrfurl link=xqyaycanocxqyaycanoclink

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