The eyes shine like CDs in the morning sun, I lon


'The eyes shine like CDs in the morning sun,
I long to have thy software in my hands.
And when you send a GIF for me to run,
I feel a sudden twitch within my glands.

How sweet our cybersex in private rooms,
You type of lust and send it over the Net.
How sad it seems when my love's signoff looms,
I leave my mouse pad miserable and wet.

And yet I wonder on my lover's face
I only know thee through the online chat,
And although I do not care about thy race,
Perhaps thou has the features of a rat.

But in the end your beauty matters not,
for it's your email that gets me so hot.'

Submit By: MOMI
Words: 600
Time: 7/3/2009 7:16:10 PM


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