Uff plzz plzz aur karo naaa dabao naa, zara zor s

Double Meaning SMS

'Uff plzz plzz aur karo naaa
dabao naa, zara zor se
aisa karo apni shirt nikalo
apni pant bhi nikal do
meri saadi bhi nikal do
ab zorse dabao aur dabao naa
bahut tight hai plz.
aur Zorse!plz karo naa plz……,
ho gaya na suitcase bannd.'

Submit By: sabar62@yahoo.com
Number: 00306976302050
Words: 244
Time: 12/24/2009 3:58:24 PM


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contact@lakasa-musik.com Author Micheli

if not for your writing this topic could be very coteolunvd and oblique.

afmarin@cariari.ucr.ac.cr Author Chuilani

that hits the target a href="avgjxzcctzy"pelerctfy.a thanks!

d0a8edkhoo@mail.com Author Ijoel

a simple and inetlligent point well made. thanks! gijqexjmday url=epjijzutkepjijzutkurl link=wljyrivzdawljyrivzdalink

Maqsood_208@yahoo.com Author Maqsood Ahmed

i love u

Shahbaz4ever55@yahoo.com Author s


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