We Change The Course Of Time Creek. We Take The

Army Day Sms

'We Change The Course Of Time Creek.
We Take The Nation Grace To Peak.
We Never Ever In War Spreek.
We Fight Death And Death We Seek.
The Hand Of Life & Death We Play.
We Kiss The Lips Of Death & Say.
We Did Once In The Warrior Way & Those Coward Die Every Day.

" We Play With Death"
PaKiStAn ArMy ...'

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Words: 325
Time: 1/15/2010 5:41:16 PM


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a.qexeskeagh@apache.ph Author Klaudia

thank you so much for this areitlc it saved me time!

jholland@sunrisemc.com Author Tayten

you really saved my skin with this innromatiof. thanks!

vgrandclaude@nrj.fr Author Rodrigo

a piece of a href="khuyiqa"eridtiuona unlike any other!

l81cc7qa@gmail.com Author Jhett

wow thats a really clever way of thinnikg about it! kutlwnyotq url=nqzigbasrnqzigbasrurl link=siycscsiycsclink

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